Find Out If Natural Oils Help In Curing Hemorrhoids Permanently

Are natural oils effective in curing hemorrhoids naturally?

The usage of natural oil is one of the best and safe means of treating piles naturally. This has been the trend for many centuries when we did not have drugs and antibiotics. Essential natural oils work well in relieving the symptoms associated with hemorrhoids because of the following factors:

Natural oils have a high concentration of related nutrients, vitamins, enzymes, anti-inflammatory as well as anti bacterial / fungal agents.

Natural oils are easy to blend and apply directly on the actual inflamed hemorrhoid without leading to too much mess. These oils act very fast to alleviate hemorrhoid symptoms.

The best thing is the fact that these kinds of oils are easily and quickly absorbed through the anal pores and skin into the inflamed hemorrhoid cells leading to reduced inflammation.

Another thing is that the absorption of natural oils into the blood stream helps you to strengthen the immune system against illnesses.

Lavender essential oil is good oil for this purpose. There are three main methods by which you can use this oil can to treat piles:

To relieve hemorrhoid pain normally, lavender oil can be combined with jasper oil or juniper oil to form a soothing greasy mixture that is applied upon your inflamed hemorrhoid.

You can also add this particular oil to the warm water that you would like to use for your sitz to relieve painful and itching symptoms.

And then there is a way to create a balm. Lavender oil may also be mixed with geranium oil to create a balm which can be used directly to your inflamed hemorrhoid.

The second oil that can be used is Cypress oil

Again there a 2 simple ways of using Cypress oil for treating hemorrhoids.

Use a diluted form of the oil. It can be diluted by mixing it along with base oil and juice of lemons. You can then apply this diluted oily form directly to your own inflamed hemorrhoid.

The second way to add this oil to your sitz bath water.

The third oil that helps in treating hemorrhoids is Tea tree oil.

Tea tree oil is found in Australia a lot. This oil offers natural properties that help in treating for bacterial, viral and yeast infections. You can apply this specific oil directly to your swollen veins to reduce the particular inflammation and infection. Tea tree oil is also popular for treating acne breakouts and burns effectively.

The last in the list of oils is Dill oil. Dill oil originated in Southwest Asia and it is also referred to as Indian Dill.

This required oil is extracted from the seed products and the different part of the Dill plant like its stems and leafs. This oil has great soothing properties that make it a great item for treating hemorrhoids and more importantly the pain and swelling.

Remember to dilute the oil with water before it is put on your inflamed hemorrhoid to ease hemorrhoid pain naturally.

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